Andre Schurrle: The Ace in The Pack Greater Than Robben

Arjen Robben poses with the Premier League trophy.

Chelsea have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the midfield, and as such everyone is a star whether it is Oscar, Willian, Hazard or the much unmentioned Schurrle. Had it not been for the presence of the mercurial Eden Hazard in the team, we would be hearing a lot of news about Schurrle, who would always have been the definite starter in the team in that scenario. But the fact remains, that Eden Hazard has a greater reputation and rightly so. But could this be a different story, if Schurrle were to be handled a bit differently, do we have a great winger in the making? Do Chelsea have the next Robben in their ranks? Schurrle came back to the team training after a long holiday following the historical World Cup Triumph in Brazil. Schurrle had this to say when he came back:

“I’m hoping to achieve what we couldn’t last season, which is to win something,”

“That’s what it’s all about, winning matches and winning trophies.”

The Ambition is there for sure, all he needs to do now is to realize it, and it will take some hard work on his part. Willian, Salah and Hazard are no easy players to displace off their positions, even for a World Cup Winner, but Schurrle it seems has everything he needs to prove his point. Even the experts admit that despite not being a finished article, Schurrle has managed to out-do the player(in some areas) he may be compared to once he hits the peak. The experts also believe that he has no weaknesses (unlike Robben), all he needs to do is perfect what he is already gifted with.

This article has not been written to criticize a great player, who had his fair share of Chelsea exploits but it is more about how and why Schurrle could imitate or perhaps surpass him, the former in itself will be no small feat to achieve.

Schurrle and Robben, a comparison:

Schurrle Robben
Strengths   Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses
Long Shots None Crossing Defensive contribution
Key Passes Passing
Dribbling Set Pieces

The above comparison proves that while Schurrle is talented for his age, he is nowhere close to the wide array of skills possessed by the flying dutchman. However the same table also points to the fact that he has no weaknesses unlike Robben.

So what does that mean in terms of Schurrle’s abilities. It means that at 23, Schurrle has all the time in the world to develop, hone and attain more skills and at the same time stay free of any vices, never before has Chelsea had a player who could literally walk up the steps to perfection in due time. Time is the only thing that he needs apart from José Mourinho’s guidance, who again is credited in turning a raw Robben into the pacing menace that he became to European teams.

Will he Play Left, Right or Center?

Schurrle earned the #9 shirt at Germany and in the world cup where he came on as a substitute three times to score home an astonishing 6 times with one very crucial as well as historical assist, he proved that he was worth the legendary number. But what is his future? He sure can not always be the super sub, not with an array of German names retiring post the world cup. So he has got to step up and fill the voids, but which one is he gonna fit into? At Germany as well as Chelsea?

The first possibility is him being played as a striker, and given his pace and finishing ability, he would seem like the ideal fit. That however is nothing more than fiction at the moment. Besides no signs have appeared from any direction what-so-ever of such a decision being taken by Mourinho. It would be effective undoubtedly, but there are better things that Mourinho could do with a player as capable as him. He would however, wherever he plays will always be the player who cuts inside and scores an odd goal or two and that brings us to our conclusion.

Enter Arjen Robben, who again started as a left winger at Chelsea, and now plays on the right to allow him to cut inside and score easily with his preferred foot, it is at this point that Schurrle’s similarity ends with Robben because unlike the dutch he is left footed.

But wait… Schurrle is left footed and he cant play on the left because that is where Chelsea star #10 Eden Hazard plays. So that means, Schurrle will have to move to the right and every man and his dog would know what that means because so many inside-out wingers have proved the argument in recent history and have become Messi-ahs. Schurrle will be strong there because he has stamina, finishing and pace to burn on the break. The right wing (again similar to Robben) is where Schurrle seems to be destined and rightly so, it will be exciting, exhilarating and what not especially because he likes to cut inside so often and can finish even strongly thanks to his left foot being the one that tears the net of the goal to shreds, don’t believe me? Ask Brazil, or for that matter Messi will testify about his crossing too.

Besides, he perhaps doesn’t need to shave his head bald to become the next Robben!

Monday will tell us what the future holds for Schurrle, Mourinho, Chelsea and all the fans who love the Blues so much. Certainly, a new chapter is being written at the Bridge, on the horizon are new stars and everyone salutes the rising sun. So bring it on for the Blues!

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