5 Major Things Jose Mourinho Said in His Latest Interview


I told them the way we were playing was not good enough to win the game, we were at risk. It’s impossible to play football if you don’t win a single second ball, so basic things but important things.

I wasn’t annoyed but I said if they had the same feeling and vision as me we were not in trouble because it would change. They understood, they knew the game was going in a risky direction and, in the second half, from the first minute, it was immediately different.

In the second half we were much more aggressive, we won second balls and it was difficult for them. A good, enthusiastic, positive side caused us problems in the first half but in the second we were too strong.

I don’t forget at 0-0 they[Leicester City] had a situation, one on one with Courtois, but we scored, hit the post and Schmeichel made some good saves. Because of our second half performance I think we deserved the points.’

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