3 Major Things Jose Mourinho Said in His Latest Interview


‘When you have matches with space and time it’s much easier. People talk about tactics and systems, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, but in a simple way to analyse football everything depends on space and time.’

‘In certain matches, when you don’t have space and time to play, you need more quality. We are working in that direction, to play against teams with low blocks and who are very compact, to play against teams with 10 players behind the ball.’

‘We need more quality in our game, we’ve been working on playing against a team who are defensive, trying to close every road to goal. We have to improve in terms of character but we need more quality.’

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  1. If our beloves team should win this season they need to be focus and aproch every game as it’s a final game and all is as stick

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