3 Major Things Cesc Fabregas Said in His Latest Interview


‘The first half we were definitely not at our best at all and we realised that the way we played wouldn’t win the game, maybe we would even lose it. So we just had to wake up, push higher up the pitch and play with a little more intensity and get more second balls. That is what we did and finally we got a deserved win.

We started sloppy and we suffered a little bit from counter-attacks against us and we didn’t feel comfortable at all, so we needed a kind of wake-up call from the coach.

We were not winning any second balls and it felt sometimes that Leicester were more up for it than us and that is not acceptable, as we want to try to win every single game and these points at the beginning are very important.

We reacted very well and we started pressing higher and higher and getting more second balls in the second half, getting into their box and getting chances.’

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  1. That was a very good recovery, but lets keep focused. We just need to play as if its only a minute left even if its the beggining of the game.
    If such small teams find net twice before us, they can conjest their box to an extend that we wont even find a loose ball getting into their box.
    They can score and defent. At last its the score that counts.
    My sincere contribution is’Kill from the first minute.’ Even if it means 15goals, its still fine coz we will need those scores somewhere. Spurs ar on top of us coz of goals. If th leage was to end this week we would be number 2 coz of goals whilst we want th first position.

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