Romelu Lukaku can improve under Jose Mourinho and Didier Drogba

Romelu Lukaku has shown what he is capable of in the past few seasons. In his final season at Everton, he was an important piece of their team scoring goals and ahead that in West Bromwich Albion, he demonstrated a maturity and his potential.


Romelu Lukaku didn’t have the best of World Cup in Brazil, but he should now be looking to make a name for himself and give himself the best chance of getting into the Chelsea first team. Jose Mourinho clearly likes him and  the potential in him.

 He clearly has raw ability, but that needs to be raised so that he can be proved a great threat each week. Mourinho is best in playing to player’s strengths and arranging them such that in the team that it can employ those strengths and give a chance to ameliorate weaknesses.

 If Drogba returns to Stamford Bridge, then he will the best ideal for Romelu Lukaku from whom he could ascertain from. When Drogba came to England, he was an unknown and Mourinho turned him into one of the best strikers in the world.

Lukaku has similar qualities to Drogba. He is strong, has pace, can hold the ball up well and can create space in the box, but he just needs to nurture those qualities. Playing with Drogba will teach him how to play effectively, where and when to do the important work on the field. He could become an excellent player at Chelsea, he just needs to work hard and learn from the best in the game.

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