Keep Calm and Trust Mourinho

It was proved again in the world cup that in order to win trophies one should never give into emotions or feelings of gratitude. Coaches like Del Bosco and Scholari stuck to the players who were successful for them in their last endeavors rather than merit. They were ruthlessly punished.

Del Bosco even before the world cup has started said that Iker deserves to be the first team goalkeeper for what he has done all these years. He was selected in the starting 11 even though both Ancellotti and Mourinho did not select him as first choice in league games. Similarly Scholari made numerous such mistakes. Selecting Maicon even though everyone were sure he was way past his prime, leaving out players like lucas Moura and coutinho. What happened to brazil was not solely because of maicon, but he was very slow and had a part in the downfall. This when Dani Alves was on the bench.


Brazil’s team tried to play an open game in the later parts knout stages trying to get back at the criticism that they are not producing Jogo Bonito(Beautiful Football). They tried to play a very high defensive line. They tried to do some thing that the team was not capable of to remove the silent the critics.

Luckily for Chelsea we have a very controlled, calculated and never gives into criticism or emotions. He has a very intimate and exceptional relation with his players. This can be seen in interviews many interviews by the players and also Ferguson has mentioned this in his autobiography. But Jose never gets his emotions in the way of team selection or tactics. He would sell players who he thinks are not suitable for the current team even though they had done very good last season. He would show no emotions in parting ways with players who he thinks are redundant, overrated or over their prime. His tactics would not change unless he thinks it is necessary. He faces all the criticism with the style of his team’s play but always does what he thinks is right. His goal is achieving trophies and he tries to do it without giving into emotions or criticism. History always remembers trophies and very few remember how they win it.

By: Akhil Chennuru

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