John Terry: 2014/15 Season Expectations

Captain, Leader and Legend are three words which describe Stamford Bridge’s rock, John Terry as the perfect Talisman for the Blues. The 33 year old Terry has been one of the rocks in defense, since his inclusion to the Blues. Last season clearly shows that how even an aging veteran was perhaps one of the best Central Defenders in the League. After making 47 appearences alone in the previous season and performing superbly, his contract extension was soon to come. The Blues legend’s pairing with Gary Cahill was one of the best and unformidable defensive pairings in the league.


On May the 13th 2014, the club announced that John Terry has been given a one year extension on his contract to stay at The Bridge for another season. The captain will earn 150,000 a week, which is close to the last deal he struck. With this John Terry has become the highest paid Central Defender in the Premier League, if he keeps his place in the team.

The 2014-15 season is likely to bring less amounts of appearences for Terry as compared to the season before it, the reason being that this will probably and most arguably be the last season of his and moreover Mourinho will try and experiment pairings of different players with Gary Cahill. The season will probably see Terry play as the inspiration, he has been throughout his career. It will be likely to see Terry partner Cahill on European nights and against physically strong opponents. John Terry has been the pillars of Chelsea Defense, and thus it is time to pass on his mantle and nurture players like Gary Cahill to continue playing the Terry-esque way.

The non renewal of contracts of players such as Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard, state that Mourinho is trying to build a new Chelsea much like the Chelsea of JT, Lamps and Didier. Mourinho is trying to replace the old guard with simmilar players, although it may take some time for transition, ‘the special one’ is focused on building a new squad.


 The contract extension of John Terry gives Jose a much needed ‘locker room power’ moreover it gives a perfect transition needed for the Chelsea back four. The news that John Terry will stay as a Chelsea player for at least another season could prove more favourable than any summer signing. There can be no doubt that it would be monumental to find a replacement for John Terry, even if Gary Cahill is to fill his boots.

 This season can be the last to see one of the legends of the club in a Blue jersey, leading the team out of the tunnel, inspiring them, motivating them and leading them to win. The very thought of John Terry leaving his beloved Chelsea sends chills down the spine, but all good things must come to an end, and this has been one hell of an adventure for both the Player as well as the Fans, who love JT26.

John Terry Chant!


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