Chelsea Team Analysis Series Part 1: Goalkeepers

In this series, the squad that will be used for the upcoming season will be analysed with the current players in the team and their situations regarding new competition or how they would be played by the manager and also the roles that they would need to fulfill.


Here is the first element of the team, the Goalkeeper, and our team is blessed with three talented keepers along with the youth ones. Thibaut Courtois is all set to return to the Bridge as he vouches for the first team spot relegating the recuperating Cech to the bench. Petr Cech injured his shoulder against Atletico Madrid in the UCL last time in the Semi Finals, and underwent surgery, ruling him out for quite a long period. Courtois obviously will be the freshest and the fittest goalkeeper in Chelsea when the new season starts and Petr Cech will have to start off as his understudy.

Veteran Keeper Mark Schwarzer is set to have another season as a Blue, where he debuted in the Champions League last season. Schwarzer comes with tons of experience and can be actually used instead of just a mere back-up like Hilario. The Aussie has been quite useful to Chelsea last season when Cech got injured, but with young Thibaut Courtois back, he would have very less playing time, arguably filling Hilario’s shoes.

Petr Cech, who has been Chelsea’s most celebrated goalkeeper has to suffer from the setback of being injured before the start of the season, which gives his competitor Courtois a clear head start. Cech, who won the Golden Glove last season would still be expected to play a key role in the team. His experience is likely to be used in Cup games, especially the all-important Champions League and FA Cup, though both Courtois and Cech are more than capable of playing every match.

The change of goalkeeper is imminent because Chelsea are likely to be more adventurous and attack minded than last time out. Chelsea defenders were there to shield Cech who was reduced to make a odd reflex saves. Cech visibly struggled against set pieces, which caused Chelsea a lot of worry, especially as the Blues are a team that have a lot of set-piece attackers but the same tall framed players couldn’t defend the set-piece and the keeper was spilling them and struggling.


Courtois offers more mobility and calmness than Cech. The big Belgian jumps with ease and barely has any emotions while making hard reflex saves. At such a young age, he has a long career ahead and can be groomed to be the best keeper in the world. These are just a few reasons why Cech will have to step down to Courtois.

There have been rumours about Petr Cech leaving the club, but in the author’s opinion, Cech should not leave the club. Latest news confirmed that Cech was happy in London and at age 32, he would not like a move to another place. Together, Petr Cech and Thibaut Courtois can be a handful for the opposition attackers. Cech had previously dethroned Carlo Cudicini when he was very young, and now faces a similar circumstance as he needs to vacate the position to the youngster from Belgium. Courtois still has a lot to learn, and needs to gain even more experience and guidance, which can be given by the legendary Petr Cech.

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