Petr Cech would take some effort to be displaced, not rumors and comments!

Petr Cech is more than capable of holding his own in the Premier League and current statistics show why!

Cech and Courtois
Cech and Courtois: The best of the Present and the Future for Chelsea

Chelsea have played 29 games in the Premier League so far, and have been unbeaten in 2014, or to state the fact more precisely, they have not lost a game since their loss at Stoke City that came on December 7. Since then no City or team has been able to knock more goals in a game than Chelsea have, and part of that success should and must be credited to their number one, Petr Cech.

He has been an ideal shot-stopper, despite not being at the peak of his career, which was in José Mourinho’s first spell. It means that he gives his one hundred percent in every game, all 41 of them that have been there for club and country.

The fact that his position is under constant aspiration from one of the brightest stars among goalkeepers, who currently plies his trade at a rejuvenated Madrid team, that does not happen to be Real. Atletico’s success too is owed to Thibaut Courtois’ top notch performances who continues to impress on his loan at Vincent Calderon.

But Cech is more than capable of keeping the No.1 Jersey at Stamford Bridge his very own, at the very least for one more season. This has brought the speculation about Courtois signing for one of the Spanish giants, Atletico fans can count themselves in on this one.

Notwithstanding all the rumors and statements from friends and family, speculation about the Belgian leaving Chelsea has been put to bed on numerous occasions by the especially happy one. The most recent axe on these rumors has been thrown by Courtois himself, who has dismissed talks about him signing for Real Madrid.

Considering all these facts carefully here’s why Petr Cech will remain one of the most successful Premier League goalkeeper for at least one more season. The facts certainly do help in ascertaining why Mourinho is not budging to all sorts of tactics from the Curtois camp.

  • Cech has played a total of 29 games this season, and has conceded a total of 20 goals in them.
  • He has 13 clean sheets in the Premier League this season, which is currently the joint best.
  • Chelsea are on a 14 game unbeaten streak, the longest of the season, thanks to Cech’s safe hands.
  • Chelsea have lost just 3 games in the League this season, the best record so far.
  • Thanks to Cech, Chelsea have been able to reap in 2.28 points in every game on average.
  • He has conceded only 22 goals, making his the safest pair of gloves at the moment.
  • His average claim success is 94%, which happens to be among the best.
  • Unlike other top keepers from top teams, he does not have a reputation for being sent off in the big games.
  • At 31, he can’t be called ‘old’. That would go to Schwarzer, who holds the record of being the oldest goalkeeper in the league.
  • The difference in abilities between Cech and the current back-ups highlights how important it is not to let Courtois go.


Now that we know that our current no.1 is still the best in the league, it is not difficult at all to comprehend the face that he would remain so more or less for one more season. Call him the Old Guard, The Number One, or anything you like, the goal-post is his to keep. Courtois is undoubtedly one of the best young talents around, but he needs to keep his nerves for at least one more season, after all he is going to replace the best Goal keeper of the Premier League era, and that would take some tough efforts and a lot of patience, even from his outspoken father or numerous admirers who need to understand that we are on the same side.

Courtois might be the future, but the key to the present is in Cech’s safe hands!

Let us know in the comments as to how you feel about the possibility of Courtois joining/leaving the Blues next season.

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  1. I would recall TC from AM so he can spend his remaining two years with his parent club, but he wants to play every minute of every match, and there is no way he will want to come back to be rotated with Cech. We have Schwarzer who leaves at the end [of the season], and Hilario as our other back-up, a keeper who just wins trophies from the bench. I think Courtois should be brought back at the end, because even if he isn’t playing many games, Belgium would still recall him for international matches.

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